To all my current and past clients, thank-you so much for choosing me as your real estate agent. I value your opinion about what it was like to work with me and I think other prospective buyers and sellers would appreciate knowing what level of service they can expect from me.

There are many things I can say about the quality of service I provide, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from my recent clients.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. Believable, genuine and honest reviews are worth their weight in gold. They help to outline my experience and integrity, as well as making it clear how much I enjoy helping my clients with their real estate needs.

"As a first time home buyer, I knew very little about purchasing a home. Having a good realtor was very important. I can't imagine anyone is better than Sarah Gustafson. She is a true professional: knowledgeable, friendly and hardworking. She was never pushy, but always prepared with valuable advice. Sarah's experience is evident; She has a great understanding of the market and the buying process. I highly recommend Sarah Gustafson!"

James V, Worcester (Buyer)

"Sarah Gustafson was the best accident that could have ever happened to us. We needed to find a house with specific criteria and being that we were not from the state, we only had a 2 month window to get an offer into the works. Our former agent was in a tight spot so Sarah stepped in and really listened to what we were looking to buy.

From our first meeting we knew that had found a dedicated agent who really had a passion for all of the details that went into the process of purchasing a home. Sarah listened to each of our criteria and summarized which options in Worcester had potential. When we walked into the first handful of houses, Sarah knew instantly what challenges we would face in the closing and how that would relate to our situation. Her extensive experience in the field and area saved us time and turmoil down the road. A professional relationship that displayed a rare competency and a unique perspective of the market, comforted us in our decisions and made us feel like we had the best person for what we were doing.

There was never a moment where we didn't know what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. Whenever we had questions, Sarah responded quickly and accurately with the information we needed. We never waited more than 15 minutes for a text, mail or call and always trusted that she had a firm understanding of what we wanted. Can't imagine another agent that is more knowledgeable and reliable than Sarah."

Brandon & Bonnie - Worcester, MA (Buyer)

"Our goal was to have a professional and personable broker. We feel we hit the jackpot with Sarah, she was perfect for our needs.

Sarah is a complete professional. She went above and beyond for us and we appreciate everything she has done.

Sarah handled the sale of our house from start to finish with impressive professionalism.

Sarah made the sale of our house stress-free. We are using Sarah to purchase our new home and are very excited to continue to work with her through the process.

We highly recommend Sarah."

Steve & Jeanette Grigware (Seller)

"Sarah was an invaluable ally to make possible this transaction, she gave us the confidence and help to go thru all this process, thanks to her professionalism and knowledge."

Juan Romero, Worcester, MA (Buyer)

"Sarah takes great care in knowing her customers and knowing the area she is marketing. I am extremely pleased with how she handled my transactions and highly recommend her to others. She is a 5-star, first class individual and agent."

Julie, Webster, MA (Seller)

"Sara Gustafson was highly recommended to us by my cousin William Lee who owns William T Lee real estate He has been in the business for close to 50 yrs. Sara handled everything, she was professional, but also very down to earth. It was my pleasure just to meet her, she listened to us and guided us all the way. We listened to her advice, did what she told us and our home sold in one day.Cannot thank Sara enough. My wife and I are very satisfied with Sara and Janice Mitchell Real Estate."

Mike Lee Sturbridge ma. (Seller)